Gordon-Piatt Butterfly Gas Valve


Part NumberDescription
350007-06003/4" Butterfly Gas Valve, 3BV-A
350007-08001" Butterfly Gas Valve, 4BV-A
350007-10001-1-4" Butterfly Gas Valve, 5BV-A
350007-12001-1/2" Butterfly Gas Valve, 6BV-A
350007-16002" Butterfly Gas Valve, 8BV-A
350007-20002-1/2" Butterfly Gas Valve, 10BV-A
350007-24003" Butterfly Gas Valve, 12BV-A
350007-32004" Butterfly Gas Valve, 16BV-A


Part NumberShaftDescription
010039-00100.397Linkage Arm, 10-32 UNF-2B Tap

gp-gas-valve-instructionsAdjustment Procedure

  1. Use box end or socket wrench to loosen or tighten ball-joint connectors.
  2. To adjust low fire (minimum) fuel setting, loosen ball-joint connector holding drive rod and manually position butterfly disc to desired opening, then retighten connector.
  3. Note: Slot in end of butterfly shaft indicates position of internal disc.
  4. For initial start-up: Position actuator arm so internal disc is approximately 15° open.